Comparative Analysis: Shooter’s Zip Code versus Victim’s Zip Code On August 26th, 2023, a deeply troubling incident unfolded. A man, possibly influenced by the conspiracy theory known as “the great replacement,” and although he may have suffered from mental illness, seized upon a growing and hateful ideology that has beenContinue Reading

Black Demographics, Cities, Crime, News Stories Racially Motivated Shooting in Jacksonville: A Disturbing Clash of Socioeconomic Worlds Continue reading Black Demographics, Black Men, Black Women, Employment, Households, Income, Poverty First Fired: Black Workers Make up 90% of Recent Job Loses Continue reading Black Demographics, Black Men, Black Women, Education, Income,Continue Reading

The San Francisco Bay View (National Black Newspaper) released its latest annual “Katrina Pain Index” which tractsĀ statistics to highlight how changes in post-Katrina New Orleans have affected the Black community there. Ā This years report is titled:Ā Katrina Pain Index 2016: Race and class gap widening. Some highlights include: “Some 2,000 BlackContinue Reading

A New York TimesĀ article was written in responseĀ to the recent unrest in Milwaukee. It attempts to shed a light on how a considerable amount of the BlackĀ upper middle classĀ live in poor neighborhoods. According to the article: “In many of Americaā€™s largest metropolitan areas, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles,Continue Reading