2016 Census Black Population Estimates
1) 46,778,674 or 14.5%: Black Only and Black in combination with another race
2) 43,000,691 or 13.3%: Black Only
3) 43,218,538 or 13.4%: ‘Black Only’ and ‘Black in combination with another race’ (non-Hispanic)

4) 40,229,236 or 12.5%: Black Only (non-Hispanic)
NOTE: The most common figures used by the Census Bureau and most other public and private organizations are 1) and 2). Since ‘Hispanic’ is an ethnicity and not a race ‘non-Hispanic’ numbers are only available for specific data. 

African American Population Growth

Population 2 chart 1790 to 2012

It is estimated that of the 10-12 million Africans brought to the new world as slaves, approximately 500,000-700,000 of them came to the United States. This was only about 4.4%-5.4% of all who were shipped to the Americas. The majority, about 35% were sent to Brazil and the remainder to other South American and Caribbean colonies.  The largest ports of entry for American slaves were Baltimore, Savannah, Charleston and New Orleans. According to the first United States census count 92% of the 757,208 African Americans were slaves. The last census count during slavery in 1860 counted 4,441,830 African Americans of which 89% were slaves. By the turn of the century (1900) the Black population grew to more than 8 million and more than doubled every 50 year period since reaching 42 million by 2010.

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