The results of this study published by theĀ American Journal of Public Health seem to support other reports regarding race, ethnicity, and drug use. As with other studies it appears to contradict the higher arrest and incarceration rate of drug crimes disproportionately affecting the Black population. Ā “The study, which took placeContinue Reading

The Atlantic recently published an article as part of their Next America: Communities project, which is supported by grants from Emerson Collective and Ford Foundation, in which they suggestĀ ā€œThe difference in the rate at which black, Hispanic, and white students go to school with poor classmates is the best predictorContinue Reading

Money Inc. and Essence Magazine collaborated in efforts to create a list of colleges and universities they thinkĀ “offer the best value for African-American students.” Ā They listed the top 50 out ofĀ 1,500 four-year colleges using the following criteria:Ā Graduation rates,Ā Affordability,Ā Earnings potential, and African AmericanĀ Representation. The top 10 include the top Ivy LeagueContinue Reading