The Real Estate Reality: Black and White Homeownership and Rental Differences

Understanding the Disparities in Black and White Homeownership and Renting

Latest data available from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey provides a detailed look into the homeownership and renting statistics for Black and White Americans. These statistics highlight significant disparities in homeownership rates, housing costs, and household sizes between these two groups.

Homeownership Statistics

  • Percent Homeowners:
  • Black: 44%
  • White: 73% There is a notable gap in homeownership rates, with only 44% of Black Americans owning homes compared to 73% of White Americans. This indicates a significant disparity in access to homeownership between the two groups.
  • Median Value of Home:
  • Black: $242,600
  • White: $318,700 The median value of homes owned by Black Americans is $242,600, which is substantially lower than the $318,700 median value for homes owned by White Americans. This reflects differences in the types of properties owned and possibly their locations.
  • Median Monthly Costs with Mortgage:
  • Black: $1,609
  • White: $1,735 Black homeowners have a slightly lower median monthly mortgage cost of $1,609 compared to $1,735 for White homeowners. However, this difference does not compensate for the lower home values.
  • Spend 30% or More of Income on Mortgage:
  • Black: 35%
  • White: 25% A higher percentage of Black homeowners (35%) spend 30% or more of their income on mortgage payments, compared to 25% of White homeowners. This indicates that Black homeowners are more financially burdened by their mortgages.
  • Average Size of Households:
  • Black: 2.68
  • White: 2.47 The average household size for Black homeowners is slightly larger at 2.68 compared to 2.47 for White homeowners.

Renting Statistics

  • Percent Who Rent:
  • Black: 56%
  • White: 27% More than half of Black Americans (56%) are renters, in contrast to only 27% of White Americans. This further emphasizes the disparity in homeownership rates.
  • Median Monthly Rent:
  • Black: $1,167
  • White: $1,277 Black renters have a median monthly rent of $1,167, which is slightly lower than the $1,277 median rent for White renters.
  • Spend 30% or More of Income on Rent:
  • Black: 58%
  • White: 48% A higher percentage of Black renters (58%) spend 30% or more of their income on rent, compared to 48% of White renters. This highlights the financial strain experienced by Black renters.
  • Average Size of Rental Households:
  • Black: 2.25
  • White: 2.00 The average household size for Black renters is slightly larger at 2.25 compared to 2.00 for White renters.


These statistics reveal significant disparities in housing conditions between Black and White Americans. Black individuals face greater financial burdens in both homeownership and renting, with lower home values and higher percentages of income spent on housing costs. Addressing these disparities is crucial for promoting economic equity and improving living conditions for Black communities.

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