Comparative Analysis: Shooter’s Zip Code versus Victim’s Zip Code On August 26th, 2023, a deeply troubling incident unfolded. A man, possibly influenced by the conspiracy theory known as “the great replacement,” and although he may have suffered from mental illness, seized upon a growing and hateful ideology that has beenContinue Reading

The old saying “Last Hired and First Fired” that has been imbedded in Black American culture is ringing true – at least the later part. Recent data paints a worrying picture for African Americans, as unemployment figures have increased notably. Since April, 267,000 more African Americans are unemployed, contributing toContinue Reading

Click Chart Below to Zoom Here at we have recently and frequently been asked about statistics regarding single Black men and women and availability. There seems to be disagreements on social media about the availability, education, and education of single Black men compared to women. So we decided toContinue Reading