1. How can I find out the number of African Americans 18 years of age and older by county in Georgia?

  2. Thanks for your timely information on Black Demographics. Please encourage your advertisers and promoters to include a few Black Families and other people of color in their service promotion ads. maybe, I over look something. I am over 86 my eyes must be failing but I did not see your contact page.. I wish to see some Black Seniors when you speak of Seniorsafety.

  3. Good afternoon,

    Fellow friend from Pennsylvania, I stumbled across this site as I was researching Black Marriage Stats for my You Tube series. I think you have done an amazing job with this site. Will the information this site be updated..I would love to see the difference form 2012 until now. I also serve on a few Boards of Directors my fav is the Black Women of Chester County in Action. Our mission and Goal is to tackle these statistics through education, Awareness and action!

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