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BlackDemographics.com was created in 2007 to be the top resource for information regarding African Americans. It was meant to be a one stop unbiased site that showcases only the facts where people can see what Black America looks like without having to spend hours searching the Internet.

For 10 years Black Demographics has worked hard to become a trusted resource. This is why it has consistently remained a top source for major news media, universities, governments, academics, books, blogs, and individuals. Basically it serves all of who seek Information, statistics, and reliable insight about the African American population.

As a company our expanded focus is to significantly increase the amount of data we research, illustrate, and customize to better provide for the needs of all businesses, governments, media outlets, organizations, and individuals whose interest is to serve, discuss ideas, and benefit the African American community

Comment from Obama White House:
“My name is Michael Blake, and I direct African American outreach for President Obama. This is a very impressive and thorough website. …”
Michael Blake, White House Office of Public Engagement (2011)


Blackdemographics.com has been used as a reference in articles by major media outlets such as:

  • Forbes, FactCheck.org, Wikipedia, The Washington Post, CNN.com (US Edition), BBC News, Huffington Post, Al Jazeera English, NPR, Vox, and more.
  • Major Black media outlets like, The Grio, BET News, Ebony.com, Madame Noire, Atlanta Black Star, News One, The Root, Your Black World, Black Enterprise Magazine, Clutch magazine, UPTOWN Magazine and more.
  • Even referenced by both far-right and far-left political outlets such as Newsmax, RawStory, Breitbart.com, LifeZette, and BuzzFeed.

University Libraries

BlackDemographics.com is listed as a study and research reference on the websites of major university libraries including

  • Princeton University Library
  • University of Southern California
  • Florida State University Libraries
  • North Carolina Central University – James E. Shepard Memorial Library
  • Middle Tennessee State University James E. Walker Library

Journals who have published papers that reference BlackDemographics.com

  • Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law
  • Maurer School of Law: Indiana University Digital Repository
  • The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability Publication

Governments who have referenced BlackDemographics.com for reports and studies

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-National Institute of Health
  • Washington State Board of Education
  • Kentucky Historical Society
  • Indiana Commission on the Status of Black Males
  • Los Angeles County Quality and Productivity Commission

Non-Profits who have referenced BlackDemographics.com

  • Brooking Institution
  • The Earl Carl Institute for Legal and Social Policy, Inc
  • Mississippi Urban Research Center,
  • American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.
  • National Black Occupational Therapy Caucus,  
  • National Healthy Marriage Resource Center
  • Student African American Brotherhood

Books: more than 30 books have referenced BlackDemographics.com including:

  • Missouri’s Young Adult Black Males: An Endangered People
  • Transcultural Marketing: Building Customer Relationships in Multicultural America
  • Generation B:: Black America’s Reset to Success
  • World Regional Geography: Global Patterns, Local Lives
  • Contemporary Marketing
  • Sociology in Our Times: The Essentials
  • The Protection of Vulnerable Groups under International Human Rights Law
  • Why States Matter: An Introduction to State Politics
  • Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice
  • President Trump, Inc.: How Big Business and Neoliberalism Empower Populism and the Far-right
  • Race Still Matters: The Reality of African American Lives and the Myth of Postracial Society
  • Network Marketing Perfect Niche: Baby Boomers: How to Recruit Boomers Into Your Multi-Level Business
  • Maintaining Black Marriage: Individual, Interpersonal, and Contextual Dynamics