2016 Black Population: 46.8 million, 14.5% of USA

In 2016 US Census Bureau estimated 46,778,674 African Americans in the United States meaning that 14.5% of the total American population of 323.1 Million is Black. This includes those who identify as ‘Black Only’ and as ‘Black in combination with another race’. The ‘Black Only’ category by itself totaled 43 million African Americans or 13.3% of the total population.  SEE MORE POPULATION DETAILS

Interesting Facts About the African American Population

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News & Headlines
Articles shared from several different news sources related to Black Demographics and other subjects that effect the African American population.
Marriage in Black America
It is a widely held belief that black women are the least likely to marry than any other women in America. But after viewing...
Black Owned Businesses

Nearly 4 in 10 black-owned businesses operated in the health care and social assistance; and...

Black Political Party Affiliation
African Americans have a history in both major political parties of the...
Chicago Black Population
Chicago has the third largest urban Black population in the nation mostly the result of the huge influx of African Americans...
Black Women Statistics
According to official estimates from the US Census Bureau the Black female population in the United States was...
What is the Black Population in Every State?
Find which states have the highest Black population and which states have the....
Black Poverty in America
The poverty rate for all African Americans in 2011 was 28.1% which is an increase from 25.5% in 2005.  Actually...
Education and the Black Community
The average number of African Americans that have at least a bachelor’s degree...
The Black Church
Although African Americans are considered the most religious in America, many things have changed...
Flint, Michigan Demographics
Flint has deteriorated since the 1960s due to racial tension, factory closings (80,000 jobs lost), and depopulation. Flints...
Middle Class
There has been a Black middle class in America since before emancipation from slavery. However in those times...
Abortion Statistics

Are African Americans over-represented when it comes to the number of abortions performed? African American women...

Stopped, Searched, & Arrested
Are African Americans more likely to be stopped and searched? And what about incarceration?