Black Women Make Gains in Education

In 2018 about 59% of Black women 25 and older attended college up from 57% in 2013. About 35% have completed at least an associates degree which is up from 31% in 2013. Comparatively 63% of ‘all women’ attended college in 2018 of which 42% completed a degree (see chart below).

Black women have been more successful than Black men in closing the education gap when it comes to college degrees. About 24% of Black women have a bachelors degree or higher compared to 33% of ‘all women’ (for Black men it’s 19% to 32% for all men). The number of Black women who finished high school but did not pursue higher education is slightly higher than it is for ‘all women’, 29% compared to 26% respectively.

(note that numbers may not add up to 100% because of rounding)

The percent of Black women who have an associates degree (10%) is about equal to that of ‘all women’ (9%) in America. Only 13% of Black women over 25 did not complete high school which is only slightly higher than ‘all women’ at 11 percent.

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