RANK: Top Cities for Black Educational Attainment

Top Cities for Black Educational Attainment. Percent of African Americans with a Bachelor’s degree or higher by metropolitan area. We will soon create a post that will list all cities.

More about African American Education Here…

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  1. I supported and voted for President Trump based on his issues. Tariffs, Border Protection, Stronger Immigration controls, Tax Reform, 2nd Amend, and School Choice with Vouchers (even though this does not affect my family) I see academics and economics as major concerns. Areas like STEM+M (Medicine) Blacks don’t makeup their percentage in the US Population. Blacks being absent from formable industries equating to a lack of businesses in same. As Black progress forward in the economic and social class, they should shed those old political clothes with democrats and support and vote their interest and support those of like value. One step forward and three steps back can not continue to be the rule of the day. Blacks who do not subscribe to others circle of thought should not be labeled and called insults. All Blacks are not the same and should not be looked at as being a separate nation within the United States. Those who feel that way should proceed on with their goals and stop trying to drag others with them. I contend that division which exist and always has, is healthy and needed. Everybody want make it initially. That is the reaality.

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