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This report consists of data tables compiled from the U.S. Census Bureau 2014 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates and other reports from the U.S. Census Bureau Survey of Income and Program Participation, the U.S. Census Bureau Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplements, and the United States Department of Agriculture Nutrition Assistance Program Report Series.

This report compares the United States Black population in relation to poverty in 14 different categories using 225 data comparisons consisting of 665 data points:

  • Total population of African Americans above and below the poverty level  
    -3 data comparisons of 8 total data points
  • Black poverty status of individuals by age groups above and below poverty level
    -16 data comparisons of 46 total data points
  • Black poverty status divided by sex & age
    -61 data comparisons of 175 total data points
  • Poverty status of families divided by married, single female, and male heads with and without children divided by children age groups
    -38 data comparisons of 152 total data points
  • Historical Black family poverty rate from 1967 and 2014 also divided by single mother families compared to the national average for each year
    -14 data comparisons of 56 total data points
  • Public Assistance Average Black Monthly Participation Rates of Medicaid, SNAP/Food Stamps, Housing Assistance, SSI, and TANF/Cash payments
    -6 data comparisons of 24 total data points
  • Program Participation Rates in Major Public Assistance Programs for 1 or More Months between 2009 and 2012
    -2 data comparisons of 8 total data points
  • Total Accumulated Months of Participation in Public Assistance Programs between January 2009–December 2012
    -2 data comparisons of 8 total data points
  • Average Monthly Public Assistance Participation Rates by Race/Ethnicity
    -5 data comparisons of 20 total data points
  • SNAP/Food Stamps Benefits of Individual Participants by Sex
    -3 data comparisons of 6 total data points
  • SNAP/Food Stamps Benefits of Households Participants: a Racial/Ethnic Comparison
    -9 data comparisons of 18 total data points
  • Black Households receiving SNAP/Food Stamps with children, elderly, and disabled categorized
    -4 data comparisons of 12 total data points
  • Total Black SNAP/Food Stamps Households with Income/Working: a Racial/Ethnic Comparison
    9 data comparisons of 27 total data points
  • SNAP/Food Stamp Participating Black Households by State
    -53 data comparisons of 106 total data points
  • Chart Including % of people in Black families in poverty 1959-2012

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