Baltimore, MD

The Baltimore Metropolitan Area has the 11th largest Black population in the United States with 812,786 African Americans making up 29% of the Metropolitan total. Source: Census Bureau 2017 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimate

Metropolitan Area DataBlackTotal Metro
Median household income$51,751$77,394
Family poverty rate13.7%6.7%
Bachelor’s degree or higher25.8%39.5%
Married-couple family households26.5%46.0%
Homeowner rate46.4%66.6%

Baltimore has always had a significant African American population. Even though Maryland was a slave state, Baltimore’s free Black population was larger than its slave population. Baltimore‚Äôs proximity to Washington DC puts it in the same market commercially. It also makes the combined DC-Baltimore Black population the second largest in the US after New York City with 2.2 million. The city itself is steeped in Black culture and home to three Historically Black Schools: Morgan State University, Coppin State University and Sojourner Douglas College.

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