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Black Metro Atlanta by the Numbers

1.7 million
Number of Black residents who call the Atlanta region home as of 2010, comprising  34 percent of the total metropolitan  population.
Number of Black residents added from 2000 – 2010 to the Atlanta region, the largest net gain of any racial or ethnic group. Since 2000, the Atlanta region has added 281,556 Whites, 278,549 Hispanics/Latinos and 118,348 Asians.
Estimated number of Black residents in Fulton County in 2010, which leads the 10-county region. Next is DeKalb (375,725), then Cobb (171,774)and Clayton (171,480) .
African American population distribution map of Atlanta by census tract

US Census Bureau 2000-2010 census

The average median household income for Black residents in metro Atlanta is $41,047, which is roughly 74 percent of that for all residents of metro Atlanta. Nationally, that ratio is 67 percent (US median household income for all residents is $50,221; for black residents it is $33,632).  (US Census Bureau – 2009 ACS)

African American Population Statictics in Atlanta, including median income, home ownership, percent female, percent of college graduates, black owned businesses, and marital status


Atlanta’s demographics were similar to that of Northern Georgia and did not have a major Black presence until after the civil war. Although African Americans were concentrated in Georgias “Black Belt” in the central and southern parts of the state, Blacks made up more than half of the Black population by the late 1800s.

In the 1960s Atlanta minister Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., emerged as leader of the civil rights movement, bringing increased prominence to the city.

“The Black Mecca”

Atlanta 75 85_optThe Atlanta University Center (AUC) has six historically Black colleges and produces more Black post graduates than any College system besides Howard University.

The nation’s largest Black construction company, H.J. Russel Company, projects include several downtown skyscrapers, additions of the Georgia World Congress Center and the airport.  Some of the America’s largest Black auto dealerships are Atlanta as well as Magic Johnson 2nd Cineplex.

Major Black events include Sweet Auburn Festival, Atlanta Football Classic and the National Black Arts Festival.  The Black entertainment industry is in blossom here with the likes of Usher, Ludicrous, Babyface, LA Reid, Too Short, Peabo Bryson and Whitney Houston. With more than 60 thousand Black owned companies, Atlanta is busting at the seams with Black Entrepreneurs. Almost 25% of black adults in Atlanta have degrees which accounts for the large numbers of African Americans in major and mid-sized corporations. One of the first things you will notice in any of the cities business districts is that Black men and women are not scarce from any industry here. Is Atlanta’s the “Black Mecca”? If not than who is?

“Sweet Auburn” Avenue
“Sweet Auburn”, is also home to one of the nation’s oldest Black business districts. This district is comparable to that of Harlem in history and at the present moment. The district boasts the second largest Black life insurance company, Americas oldest Black radio station, one of it’s largest Black banks, and one of the oldest Black newspapers.

According to Sweet Auburn, has the largest concentration of national Black historic attractions in one district which includes:

-Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. birth home
-Ebenezer Baptist Church
-King Center for Non-Violent Social Change
-Ebenezer Baptist Church, and a national visitor center. 
-Southern Christian Leadership Conference headquarters,
-SCLC W.O.M.E.N., Inc.
-APEX Museum Collection of Life and Heritage, Inc.
-Auburn Avenue African American Research Library,
-100 Black Men of America National Headquarters

Atlanta Black Business By The Numbers

$6.6 billion
Receipts for Black-owned businesses in in the Atlanta metropolitan area as of 2007, which is up 63.5 percent since 2002.  Two and a half billion of those receipts were generated by Black businesses without employees such as sole proprietorships when filing their income taxes.
(US Census Bureau – 2007 Survey of Business Owners)
Number of Black-owned firms in the Atlanta metropolitan area as of 2007, which is up 99 percent since 2002.
(US Census Bureau – 2007 Survey of Business Owners)
The number of Black-owned businesses in the  repair, maintenance, personal and laundry services industry in the metro area. This is what the largest number of Black businesses in Atlanta are, followed by administrative and support and waste management and remediation services (18,366 businesses); and health care and social assistance (16,253 businesses).
(US Census Bureau – 2007 Survey of Business Owners)
The number of employees working for the 5,765 Black-owned businesses in the Atlanta metro area that have employees. the remaining 87,426 Black businesses do not have employees.
(US Census Bureau – 2007 Survey of Business Owners)
Number of Black students (Pre-K -12) added to the region’s public school enrollment from 1995-2006, the most of any racial/ethnic group. Since 1995, the region has added 71,054 Hispanic students, 19,201 Asian students and 17,916 multi-racial students. In contrast, the region’s public schools have lost 31,176 White students since 1995.
Number of Black students (Pre-K – 12) added to the Gwinnett County’s public school enrollment from 1995-2006, tops in the region. Next are Clayton (19,571), Cobb (18,403) and DeKalb (12,203).
(Georgia Department of Education;  processed by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC))
Number of Black residents, 25 and over, in the Atlanta region with at least a high school diploma. This represents 87 percent of all Black residents 25 years and older in the region, compared to 82 percent nationally.
Number of Black residents, 25 and over, in the Atlanta region with at least a bachelor’s degree. This represents 25 percent of all Black residents 25 years and older in the region, compared to 18 percent nationally.
(US Census 2009 American Community Survey)

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