Simple Advertising
Starting at $25 a week

Ad Every Page


 Advertise your business, event, book release, etc. on a
200 x 200 pixel space on every single page of
for $25 dollars per week. 

(see example on right)

Step One
Submit the text or image for your ad to:
Your image will be re-sized to fit the 200×200 pixel size limit. If you submit text only a text ad will be created for you in a 200×200 box
Step Two
You will be sent an image of what your ad will look like on the page for your approval. You can make or request revisions if needed.
Step Three
Once approved choose the number of weeks you would
like your ad to run 
($25 per week)
       You will be sent a paypal invoice via email.
Credit and debit cards are accepted.

Do your needs require a larger Ad space?

There are four additional options for your advertising needs.
  • Home Page ads appear only on the Home page and include two 728×90 horizontal ad spaces. (see bottom left image)
  • All Content Pages refer to all other pages excluding the home page and the few pages that serve as only indexes for other pages. This will ensure your advertisement appears on pages with content. This includes a 160×600 skyscraper ad space and a 728×90 horizontal ad space. (see bottom right image)
Ad Content Page
Ad Home Page
Advertise 1
Advertise 2
Ads will run until the same day on the following week unless multiple weeks are purchased. Any Questions call Akiim(Akeem) DeShay:
(972) 786-3005
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