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Where in pre-colonial Africa are African Americans from (estimates)?

Where in pre-colonial Africa are African Americans from?

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Bentley/Ziegler. Traditiona and Encounters: A Global Perspevtive on the Past.NY, McGraw Hill.

A) Senegambia-15% (coast between present day Senegal and Gambia)

B) Sierra Leone/Winward Coast-16% (most of present day Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast)

C) Gold Coast-13% (most of present day Ghana)

D) Bight of Benin-5% (Togo, Benin, and southwestern Nigeria)

E) Bight of Biafra-24% (most of present day Nigeria and Cameroon)

F) West Central Africa-26% (present day Congo, Zaire, Angola, Namibia)

G) Mozambique–Madagascar -2% (Swahili States/Southeast Africa – not included in below map) is currently working on a project to outline African American origins to help us get a better understanding of our history before the trans-Atlantic slave trade. So far we have a list of the regions, some of the major ethnic groups in those regions, and many of the empires and kingdoms that existed in West and Central-West Africa. Soon to add more specifics such as governments, economies, social/family structures, religions, etc. Please take a look at the page and feel free to send feedback suggestions and credible sources. Remember, this is a work in progress and most link on the page point to encyclopedia and Wikipedia until more information is verified.

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