What We Do

BlackDemographics.com is a single resource for information and statistics about African-Americans, and how we work, live, learn, vote, and worship. 

  • Use the Menu or the search feature to discover all of the data we gathered and assembled here in one place to make it easier for you to learn more about us.
  • Download Your local data for a city or a state or multiple locations. There is a place to download local data at the end of each city and state page.
  • Are you an individual, organization, or company in need of a City Assessment or a custom demographic report on a particular subject and region? We can help or even perform a research project for you.
  • Get an infographic and exposure at the same time. Get your logo added to your city profile as advertisement and appreciation.

Do you need help with your community engagement?

We offer the Blueprint for Black Americans and assist communities who are ready for action, recommendations, solutions and accompaniment to change and evolve their cities forward, towards betterment, equity, and justice. 


If you cannot find it here, let us know what you are looking for and there is a pretty good chance we can either find or create it for you.

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