Top 25 Earning College Degrees for Black Millennials

Chemical Engineering was the top earning degree for African Americans age 25 to 40 with an average salary of $84,415 according to an analysis of the 2019 Census Bureau ACS microdata sample. As a matter of fact six of the top earning degrees were engineering degrees including Mechanical, Computer, Civil, and General Engineering. Unfortunately none of the Engineering degrees made the top 20 list of degrees held by Black Millennials. Only 8,664 held Chemical Engineering degrees and 13,189 with Computer Engineering degrees.

However, eight other degrees are on the list of top 20 including Nursing with 115,567 Black millennial degree holders and General Business with 109,153. Others on the list include Biology, Accounting, Finance, Political Science and Government and Economics.

On the list of lowest earning degrees are several art and education degrees including Physical Education, Early Childhood Education, Drama, Theater, and Music. Social Work, Foreign Language Studies, Liberal Arts, and Mass Media also landed at the bottom 26 of the income the list on this post.

NOTE: this list did not include any degrees held by less than 6,200 African Americans age 25-40. So there are degrees who earned more that the top and less than the bottom. However it was important to compare degrees that a substantial amount of Black Millennials are represented as opposed to degrees with less representation.

FULL LIST (including degrees held by less than 6,200 Black Millennials)

Degree (top 25 list in bold)Avg Income Count
Materials Science$155,165 121
Engineering And Industrial Management$126,124 934
Physiology$109,929 4,431
Applied Mathematics$108,595 1,286
Clinical Psychology$97,265 2,226
Nuclear Engineering$94,367 1,119
Industrial And Manufacturing Engineering$91,156 4,330
Chemical Engineering$84,415 8,664
Atmospheric Sciences And Meteorology$83,821 546
Computer Engineering$83,473 13,189
Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences And Administration$81,864 7,441
Naval Architecture And Marine Engineering$81,605 608
Biomedical Engineering$80,721 2,791
International Business$80,132 5,448
Pharmacology$79,887 897
Health And Medical Preparatory Programs$79,433 4,694
Nuclear, Industrial Radiology, And Biological Technologies$79,012 941
Electrical Engineering$76,071 26,583
Aerospace Engineering$75,797 3,008
Chemistry$71,453 28,201
Mechanical Engineering$70,665 16,851
Neuroscience$69,827 2,573
Oceanography$69,525 284
Engineering Mechanics Physics And Science$68,550 333
Information Sciences$67,656 6,971
Multi-Disciplinary Or General Science$66,564 26,471
Computer Science$66,288 54,949
Management Information Systems And Statistics$66,015 11,994
Industrial Production Technologies$64,975 1,839
Educational Administration And Supervision$64,523 2,332
General Engineering$63,568 21,024
Economics$63,548 40,704
Biology$62,979 97,200
Materials Engineering And Materials Science$62,575 508
Business Economics$62,499 2,745
Nursing$62,028 115,567
Forestry$61,689 225
Engineering Technologies$61,688 2,690
Advertising And Public Relations$61,598 15,088
Miscellaneous Engineering Technologies$61,473 5,646
Social Psychology$61,414 1,369
Computer And Information Systems$61,282 30,265
Architectural Engineering$61,222 653
Accounting$61,116 83,658
Mathematics And Computer Science$61,072 461
Finance$60,827 52,458
General Business$60,520 109,153
Physics$60,357 4,911
Animal Sciences$59,774 3,915
Public Policy$59,414 4,619
Architecture$59,356 11,060
Political Science And Government$59,037 65,471
Medical Technologies Technicians$58,855 7,288
Computer Networking And Telecommunications$58,849 3,392
Civil Engineering$58,729 9,317
Biochemical Sciences$58,705 7,654
Natural Resources Management$58,261 1,900
Statistics And Decision Science$58,227 1,627
Molecular Biology$58,116 4,337
Electrical Engineering Technology$57,858 3,721
Art History And Criticism$57,730 2,245
Journalism$56,666 24,495
International Relations$56,512 6,188
Food Science$56,316 2,701
Human Resources And Personnel Management$56,309 18,329
Area Ethnic And Civilization Studies$56,235 12,920
Philosophy And Religious Studies$55,280 6,786
Science And Computer Teacher Education$55,272 1,630
Business Management And Administration$55,259 177,219
Computer Administration Management And Security$55,223 8,525
Linguistics And Comparative Language And Literature$55,016 3,728
Nutrition Sciences$55,014 4,972
Communication Disorders Sciences And Services$54,735 7,577
Miscellaneous Psychology$54,509 4,103
Miscellaneous Biology$54,417 1,401
Anthropology And Archeology$54,394 9,147
English Language And Literature$54,308 44,152
Treatment Therapy Professions$54,282 15,699
History$53,737 29,472
Electrical, Mechanical, And Precision Technologies And Production$52,029 867
Health And Medical Administrative Services$52,020 27,618
Hospitality Management$51,971 11,910
Geology And Earth Science$51,916 4,116
Miscellaneous Business And Medical Administration$51,882 7,858
Educational Psychology$51,825 1,234
Fine Arts$51,803 20,784
Social Science Or History Teacher Education$51,533 3,142
Cognitive Science And Biopsychology$51,515 303
Marketing And Marketing Research$51,508 52,014
Operations Logistics And E-Commerce$51,104 4,908
Communications$50,799 78,002
Ecology$50,667 2,232
Transportation Sciences And Technologies$50,621 4,125
Miscellaneous Social Sciences$50,405 3,016
Mathematics Teacher Education$50,350 2,383
Construction Services$50,281 1,961
Mathematics$50,237 16,622
Psychology$49,872 172,290
Criminology$49,395 8,136
Zoology$49,134 1,927
Special Needs Education$49,068 7,521
Sociology$48,687 61,421
Computer Programming And Data Processing$48,500 1,941
Intercultural And International Studies$48,480 6,158
Environmental Science$48,193 4,965
Social Work$48,118 50,817
Genetics$48,012 428
Counseling Psychology$47,795 3,331
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences$47,644 7,097
Film Video And Photographic Arts$47,316 7,098
Pre-Law And Legal Studies$47,244 7,843
General Education$47,215 67,920
Language And Drama Education$47,130 5,218
French German Latin And Other Common Foreign Language Studies$46,997 9,791
Mechanical Engineering Related Technologies$46,833 2,051
Criminal Justice And Fire Protection$46,824 121,371
Physical Fitness Parks Recreation And Leisure$46,620 41,992
Family And Consumer Sciences$46,599 20,328
Community And Public Health$46,081 19,202
Miscellaneous Education$45,991 3,254
Elementary Education$45,873 25,533
Human Services And Community Organization$45,564 11,325
Miscellaneous Health Medical Professions$45,514 8,006
Commercial Art And Graphic Design$45,319 27,694
Teacher Education: Multiple Levels$45,291 2,814
Public Administration$45,211 6,171
Liberal Arts$45,207 32,206
Other Foreign Languages$45,128 1,867
Mass Media$44,908 26,635
Composition And Rhetoric$44,637 3,304
General Medical And Health Services$44,391 20,732
Communication Technologies$44,229 6,168
General Social Sciences$44,124 7,556
Theology And Religious Vocations$44,020 6,569
General Agriculture$43,953 3,459
Early Childhood Education$43,952 11,139
Petroleum Engineering$43,718 337
Music$43,526 18,266
Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies$43,394 7,870
Industrial And Organizational Psychology$42,972 2,121
Plant Science And Agronomy$42,874 843
Miscellaneous Engineering$42,286 1,300
Studio Arts$42,205 2,367
School Student Counseling$42,039 1,803
Actuarial Science$41,956 547
Art And Music Education$41,540 5,918
Biological Engineering$40,589 1,641
Geography$40,568 3,939
Agriculture Production And Management$40,173 1,774
Medical Assisting Services$40,156 3,131
Drama And Theater Arts$39,528 14,100
Physical And Health Education Teaching$39,292 8,287
Secondary Teacher Education$38,788 5,416
Library Science$38,593 1,287
Microbiology$37,624 3,865
Visual And Performing Arts$36,419 5,923
Court Reporting$36,268 2,105
Cosmetology Services And Culinary Arts$35,389 6,862
Agricultural Economics$35,133 956
United States History$34,837 682
Botany$32,787 366
Humanities$31,263 3,464
Military Technologies$29,789 342
Miscellaneous Fine Arts$27,315 1,135
Geosciences$26,642 483
Environmental Engineering$21,800 128
Miscellaneous Agriculture$3,000 96


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