How the lack of HIV prevention in prisons affects the Black HIV rate

A recent article from Broadly (a Vice website) discussed the fact that although HIV rates have fallen nationwide, they have increased among Black and Hispanic gay and bisexual men by 87 percent. It attributes the overall fall to community prevention methods but at the same time pointing to the lack of these same prevention methods in prisons which have an HIV rate five to seven times higher than the general population. This is alarming knowing that Black and Hispanic men have a much higher rate of incarceration.

The article states that 25% of people who go to prison are HIV positive. While it credits prisons for doing a relatively good job of testing and treating HIV positive inmates, it bring attention to the lack of HIV prevention in prisons who are one of the overlooked contributors to the rise of HIV in Black and Hispanic populations. It concludes that this issue needs to be addressed.

Read the full article here:

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